SSH Gratis 7 December, 2015 America ++ (Server SSH 8 Dec 2015)

Sunday, December 6, 2015
SSH Free 7 December 2015 update best hosting United States and Indonesia| SSL SSH 8 Desember 2015 Germany. Free Google Proxies 7 12 2015 Russia. (SSH SSL Proxies 8 Desember 2015 Vietnam). Understanding Domain and its use – the end of the end of many a nanya about what domain it, what the hell is the sense of the domain itself, well then it's harsher than this article. A domain is a name that is created and assigned to identify, replace and translating the ip address of the server, hosting, or network. for example: If the server/hosting ip address we, we can simply open it in the browser to access our website, however if the ip address is easy to remember? of course not.
SSH Gratis 7 December, 2015 America ++ (Server SSH 8 Dec 2015)
so this is where the role of the domain, i.e. changing ip be name domain.com so easy to remember. This function is similar to the name of the contact on the mobile phone i.e. change mobile phone number into the name of the owner of the number. A domain consists of two or more parts, the left is the point before the label, while the right after the point is a TLD (top level domain). for example server.com server label, and tld .com (pronounced dot-com), but if there's a domain like forum.server.com, meaning of the word forum is the label for the subdomain

A single domain can be translation more than one IP with how to add subdomains, such as newyork.namedomain.org will in pointing to the ip on the server in Tokyo, NewYork,.namedomain.org in pointing to the ip on the server in New York,, or it could be one ip but different directory on a server, a file folder on the New York, New York, and Tokyo goes there on a folder of Tokyo in one same server , depending on the owner.

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