Hosting SSH 21 September 2016 United States++ (SSH 22 09 2016)

Tuesday, September 20, 2016
Account SSH 21, 22 September 2016 all about hosting America, Malaysia and Singapore| Create SSH 22 Sep 2016 Italy and Vietnam. SSH Windows 21/22 09, 2016 Japan and Canada. (Clinet SSH 23 Sep 2016 Spain and Portugal). Two Terms Often Appeared Referring to Web Hosting Security. In security term for a webhosting there is an abbreviation of SSL and TLS becoming so familiar in our ears. However, you may not really know what both of the abbreviations mean. Here, I will not only explain what is SSL and TLS based on the letters forming it but also more about them.
Hosting SSH 21 September 2016 United States++ (SSH 22 09 2016)
SSL is Secure Sockets Layer that refers to a networking protocol of a computer managing client authentication, encrypted communication between clients and servers and server authentication.    SSL itself comes from the combination of encryption with symmetric-key and public-key encryption for securing a connection between a client machine and a mail server, mail or web server and also a client machine, to communicate over an internal or internal network or internet. By using the referenc e model of OSI as the context, actually SSL runs more than IP/TCP protocol, that is so responsible data routing and the transport over a network. Under protocols which are under higher-level such as IMAP and HTTP, encrypting the network-connection data within the application layer existing in the Internet Protocol system. The term of “sockets” is the part referring to the method to pass data back between a server program and a client within a network or even between some program layers within the same computer.

TLS or Transport Layer Security is a protocol which is evolved from the SSL and it has greatly superseded it. Although both SSL and TLS are still often used, the SSL one usually refers to the actual TLS. That’s why there is a combination of SSL and TLS that is a security protocol that is a security protocol which is the most used today.

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