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Saturday, October 22, 2016
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(SSH Hosting 23 Oktober 2016 update again new host Singapore and Vietnam). (Dropbear SSH 24 October 2016 data center vps United States and Brazil). Ubuntu SSH 23 - 24 Oct 2016 Peru and Malaysia. Comparison of Xen or OpenVZ VPS – which becomes your choice? Although the Xen and OpenVZ VPS Server technology both the OpenSource, there are major differences between them which can be quite confusing to try to decide which option is best for you. There are actually two very important things to think about when trying to decide between Xen or OpenVZ VPS: performance, and cost/price/your budget.
OpenVZ is an operating system level to the actual server technology based on the Linux OS kernel. The hosting option with this option can provide 1 Physical Server which can run many operating systems independently (also known as containers) as a Virtual Private Server (VPS) or Virtual environments (VE). Compared to Xen, OpenVZ needs a good operating system for the Host Server or VPS in the form of Linux. This is because a single Linux kernel using OpenVZ, but because it has no overhead is accompanied by a Server who makes hypervisors run with OpenVZ can super fast and very efficient.

OpenVZ uses fewer resources when compared to the option Xen hosting. It comes with a limitation of memory and SWAP space that offers not even offer burstable memory. Burstable memory is used only when it is available to be utilized on the server. For example, an OpenVZ VPS hosting plans with dedicated memory 512 MB RAM will have a total of 1 GB burstable RAM that can be used if necessary on the main node. However, after this limit is reached, the VPS will start giving Error memory error. If the main node it runs completely out of memory there, then it's very will limit for VPS 512 MB Dedicated RAM mentioned. This is done by turning off any process that is necessary until enough memory is later reactivated.

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