Account SSH 21 January 2017 Singapore: SSH 22 1 2017

Friday, January 20, 2017
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(SSH Gratis 21 Januari 2017 full speed host Singapore and Indonesia). (Best SSH 22 January 2017). SSH iPhone 21 - 22 Jan 2017 India and Pakistan. SSL Certificate and HTTPS. SSL Certificate, for you are dabbling in the world of IT, the term must have been frequently you hear. However, for lay people there are still many who do not know what is a SSL Certificate. Here we review a little for you. SSL Certificate or Secured Socket Layer is a transport layer protocol used in the internet connection securely. SSL ensures that the data transaction you do online can not be accessed or read by others, in order to maintenance the security and confidentiality of your data when doing transaction data.
Account SSH 21 January 2017 Singapore: SSH 22 1 2017
This SSL Certificate must be installed on the server on which the web site domain name to run. When you access a   web site that is secured with a certificate, you will see the golden padlock on your browser or web page that   you open will use HTTPS instead of HTTP. HTTPS is Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. The internet browser page   using HTTPS SSL commonly used on a transaction online. So HTTPS is a protocol to transfer the encrypted data via   the web.

What is the difference then HTTPS and HTTP? Here are some of the differences between HTTP and HTTPS from several   sources: HTTPS to connect through port 443, while HTTPS port 80 using HTTP send/receive data by SSL protocol via encryption, while HTTP send plain text data with HTTPS Security warranties on every transaction you do because it   comes with SSL, HTTP only while sending without a guarantee of security. For those of you who have a business   related to the internet, or using vulnerable once the hijacking or infiltration (eavesdropping) to third   parties, for that you need a SSL Certificate to secure your data. Begin to use the HTTPS protocol, the data you   receive/send will be encrypted transaction first, so your data will be safer.

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