SSH Gratis 22 January 2017 America++ (SSH Premium 23 1 2017)

Saturday, January 21, 2017
Free SSH 22, 23 Januari 2017 full speed server United States, Brazil and Malaysia. SSH VPN 23 January 2017 Italy and Germany. SSH Config 22/23 1, 2017 Singapore and Indonesia. (SSH Sever 24 Feb 2017 India and Pakistan). SQL. Have you heard about SQL? Maybe many of us are still not knowing what is SQL, and what does it do for online data management. SQL (Structured Query Language) is a programming language which is used to access data in a relational database. SQL berupe simple command that normally contains the instructions for manipulating the data. In General, SQL consists of three languages, namely the Data Definition Language (DDL), Data Manipulation Language (DML) and Data Control Language (DCL). Here we describe one by one:
SSH Gratis 22 January 2017 America++ (SSH Premium 23 1 2017)
Data Definition Language (DDL) is a type of instructor SQL related to existing data in the table, there are three commands that are included in the DDL, namely: CREATE: used to create a new database, new table, view, and a new column. ALTER: used to change the structure of the table has been created, such as change tables, add columns, remove columns, change column, and give the attribute on the column. Drop: used to remove the database and table. Data Manipulation Language (DML) is a type of SQL instructions related to existing data in the table. How to input, delete, refresh, and read the data. Type the command used was: INSERT: used to insert or insert new data. SELECT: used to retrieve or display data from a single table or multiple tabeil are correlated. Update: used to update old data being up-to-date data. Delete: used to delete data from the table. If the command data removal was done, we cannot undo, for that we have to be careful.

In addition to the two commands above, there are also 2 types of additional commands, i.e., Transaction Control Language (TCL), and Programmatic SQL. In TCL, this process is used for commands that are greater than 1, but all systems must run all, or not at all. Which belong to the TCL command: COMMIT, ROLLCABK, and a SET of TRANSACTION. On Programmatic SQL, command is related to the sub program (stored procedures) as well as a description of the database structure. His orders such as: DECLARE, EXPLAIN, and DESCRIBE.

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