New SSH 1 Maret 2017 Singapore: SSH File 2 3 2017

Tuesday, February 28, 2017
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(Account SSH 2 March 2017 about server France and Singapore). (Windows SSH 1 Maret 2017 Indonesia and Malaysia Server). SSH For Android 1 - 2 March 2017 Australia and Peru. Understanding and kind of SSL (Secure Socket Layer). SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a method of presenting data to secure information sent over the internet. SSL is used for the transmission of data through a web site often used by website-business website that uses data and important sensitive. SSL was created by Netscape Communications Corporation. Web hosting terms of use SSL is a must use their own servers. By using SSL.
New SSH 1 Maret 2017 Singapore: SSH File 2 3 2017
Users of Web Hosting in Indonesia is Extented Validation (EV) SSL Certificate. EV SSL Certificate is a type of SSL that most premium, because it gives the value of the prestige on a website. The characteristics of a site using EV SSL Certificate is there is a green bar accompanied by company name in it. To use EV SSL Certificate, there is a requirement that must be followed. Among them, the company should be run at least 2 years, clear and verified company address, have a complete corporate documents, and accompanied by the supporting data.

SSL type Organization Validation or OV it used to validate business entity or organization, which is behind the domain name that is registered. In order to make the verification process OV went smoothly, the user should Indonesia cheap hosting has a number of requirements, such as preparing some supporting documents that acknowledge the legality of a business or organization, in accordance with state law.

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