Fast SSH 18 May 2017 United States++ (SSH File 19 05 2017)

Wednesday, May 17, 2017
Fast SSH Server 18 May 2017 more about hosting America and United Kingdom| Create SSH 19 Mei 2017 Iran and Netherlands. Mora Fast SSH 18/19 05, 2017 France and Germany. (SSH Account 20 May 2017). Basic knowledge of Web Hosting and Internet Management. Currently, you are accessing the pages of this website through the Internet and is done via the HTTP protocol. The HTTP protocol is a standard for web site page. The web site is a collection of information and facilities in the form of text, images and sounds are placed in a web server. Usually the website is placed in a shared server, provided by the service or web hosting services. Utilize a web hosting facility, you can place the files that are uploaded and downloaded via FTP program (FTP Client), also provides information in the form of web pages, and performing with email communication.
Fast SSH 18 May 2017 United States++ (SSH File 19 05 2017)
Actually there are many types of access (service) on the internet, the most popular is the World Wide Web (HTTP or web site access) and E-Mail. When you take a web hosting package, means must learn the fundamentals of management, and what-what you need to know? The following are the important things that need to be studied in order to smoothly manage your web hosting account. Communication how to access email, create email accounts on my account web hosting and also in email management programs (email client, such as Outlook Express), and also how to do email access (access to the mailbox) through a web browser (e.g. internet explorer, firefox, etc.).

The data. Upload and download various data. This knowledge is required, especially on how to operate the FTP program to upload the files, and also files/data. In addition to using the FTP program, FTP access can also be done through a web browser. Maintenance using the cPanel (an application management features web hosting) to access many of the features in web hosting account, for example, create email accounts, FTP accounts, manage files, backup data, managing databases, install applications/scripts, manage additional domains or sub-domains, examining the capacity used and remaining, and others. Of course things above also require knowledge of operating a PC and access to the internet.

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