File SSH Host 18 May 2017 Singapore: SSH Premium 19 5 2017

Wednesday, May 17, 2017
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(Update SSH Server 18, 19 May 2017 all about hosting America, France and Holland). (Squid SSH 18 Mei 2017 Iran and Hong Kong). SSH Account 18 - 19 May 2017 Italy and Poland. 7 important thing in choosing a Hosting company. Since starting our careers in business website design and development in 2009, we met with so many types of client. Since most of our prospective clients find us from Google, then his segment is very diverse. But we were quite surprised when meeting with some clients who have big names in their business, an Office in the building, and the team is great, but some client was quite unsuccessful in terms of the selection of the hosting server is right for their company's website. We're certainly not going to mention the client where we mean, but we have to say not just one or two, but pretty much have a problem in terms of the selection of the hosting.
File SSH Host 18 May 2017 Singapore: SSH Premium 19 5 2017
At first, we received when there is a request that the client just wanted to use the services of website design and development for us, because usually there are some clients who already bought their own domain and hosting. But we often meet with some clients still use dpanel, spanel, whatever it is. Actually it doesn't matter they want to use the control panel of any type, as long as the website can be hosted with stable. Unfortunately, it is often quite many are using the services of a hosting company that is not credible. We provide website maintenance services, which we serve when there are things related website, we help the process of updating, or analysis in case of problems on the website. But things like corrupt database, website down, and so on, which I think is very fatal, in fact the roots of the problem are on the hosting company of your choice. Then finally, we always advise all our clients to use their hosting in our place in order to make it easier for us in their website maintenance.

It looks simple, but we were surprised because there are several hosting companies, that when we pass on existing problems. They then responded with a sentence that clearly as a template. "Yes thank you for the report, we will followup." And then in a few days you do not receive a response let alone a solution. Then you should be with its own initiative attempted to contact your hosting company party again. A good hosting company will work quickly, analyze problems, and then give a solution. If the above 2 points to pay attention, responsiveness and solutions, this is related to the service the customer service of the hosting company you choose.

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