Fast SSH 4 May 2017 United States: Host SSH 5 5 2017

Wednesday, May 3, 2017
(Premium SSH 4 Mei 2017 update again server America, France and Germany). (Premium SSH 5 May 2017 Japan and Korea). SSH Hosting 5 - 6 Mei 2017 Iran and Denmark. Tips on choosing an Application Server network all Device, a Server is a computer system   that provides a certain type of service in a network of computers. Servers supported with   resources that is large enough and equipped with specialized operating systems namely   network operating system. The server also runs the administrative software that controls   access to network resources that are contained in them, such as files or printers, and   provide access to members of the network. Seen from the function, the servers are   categorized into several types: a. Application Server (Application Server) b. Server Data   (Data Server) c. The Proxy Server (Proxy Server).
Fast SSH 4 May 2017 United States: Host SSH 5 5 2017
The Server application is the application on a computer system which functions serve the   request access from the user's computer or client. One example of its application is the   Web Server. The Web Server contains a display of information-information that can be   accessed using a web browser such as mozilla firefox and internet explorer. Another example   that is a FTP Server, FTP Server function of serving the transaction data exchange server   computer with the client using FTP client application. Further discussion will be given on   multiple application servers are often used along with the explanation in General that is   the DHCP server, Mail Server, DNS Server, FTP Server, Web Server, Proxy Server, and   Database Server.

A variety of Application servers, the DHCP server is an application that is running the   service to "rent" the IP address and other TCP/IP information to all clients who request   it. Some network operating systems such as Windows NT Server, Windows 2000 Server, Windows   Server 2003, or GNU/Linux has. Mail Server is an application on the computer that is acting   as a server (service providers) in the network or the internet, which have a function to do   the storage and distribution of the delivery, distribution, and reception of electronic   mail or e-mail. Mail Server running with several protocols in the TCP/IP, that is SMTP   (port 25), POP3 (port 110), and IMAP (port 143).

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