Fast SSH 13 April 2017 Singapore: SSH Account 14 4 2017

Wednesday, April 12, 2017
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(Hosting SSH 13 April 2017 about hosting America and Singapore). (SSH Squid 14 April 2017 Australia and Holland). SSH for Android 13 - 14 April 2017 Malaysia and Thailand. Types of hosting to host your website or blog in 2017: shared hosting, VPS, Cloud or dedicated server. There comes a time in which insurance you are considering leaving the free platforms like blogger or WordPress and go to your own server hosting for your blog or website. Choosing the right accommodation is very important, both for performance and price. Be careful to choose a good hosting provider, is fundamental to the success of your blog, and for all the days you lie quiet down on your bed and have placid dreams.
Fast SSH 13 April 2017 Singapore: SSH Account 14 4 2017
How to choose the country of the server? It is best to choose the web server closest to the location of your customers or users. That said, it is not necessary that the server is in Spain or Mexico, simply that a this relatively nearby, for example in United States (for Mexico) or in Germany, France or UK to Spain (any country in Europe is worth). Let's see what all of the options available at this time to host a blog or website. Shared hosting (shared hosting) this is the most common of all types of accommodation that exist.

As the name suggests, means that your blog will share resources with other web sites hosted on the same physical server: CPU (processing power), disk space, memory (RAM) and bandwidth. Who is it intended for? Web pages with visits low or medium. While the shared hosting is more than enough for the majority of blogs with little traffic, it is not the best choice in many situations. Even if your blog is not using a high amount of resources, other web sites on the server could do it, and as a result, the performance of your own site could be affected indirectly. Most shared hosting providers actively monitor hosted sites and can control quickly this kind of resource usage peaks.

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