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Thursday, April 13, 2017
Update New SSH 14, 15 April 2017 all about hosting USA, Canada and Malaysia. SSH Hosting 15 April 2017 India and Pakistan. Premium SSH 14/15 4, 2017 Australia and Vietnam. (SSH Squid 16 May 2017 Saudi Arabia and Iran). Here it is how to choose a good Web Hosting for High Traffic Web. traffic that occurs suddenly can be monitored and avoided by considering some of the existing hosting technology. The solution to each situation may vary, but the hardware configuration of each web host is very important. Indeed, it can not be denied that the hardware resources and web hosting plays a role of a basis for a surge in traffic next to a proper handling. Here are some tips on choosing a good web hosting for high traffic web.
Burstable Memory. This is an important feature of a VPS. Technically, burstable memory is expandable memory, which only required when there is a surge in traffic. Typically, VPS has two types of RAM, i.e. guaranteed RAM (always available) and burstable RAM (connected with guaranteed RAM and can be upgraded up to a certain amount). Burstable RAM not always available because it was not designed as a VPS, but rather to share an additional burden for going on a surge in traffic with guaranteed RAM.

Burstable Bandwidth. Burstable RAM and burstable bandwidth work principle is the same. Simply put, burstable bandwidth is the highest limit of overall internet channel capacity and speed of web hosting services. In other words, when there is high traffic surges, web hosting may use additional layers of data transfer. With burstable bandwidth, customer may consume more bandwidth than the speed limit which has been specified when there is a surge in traffic.

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