Server SSH 15 November 2016 United States++ (SSH Squid 16 11 2016)

Monday, November 14, 2016
File SSH Server 15, 16 November 2016 more server from United States, Germany and Japan| SSH Hosting 16 November 2016 Vietnam and India. SSH Squid 15/16 11, 2016 Italy and Turkey. (SSH Account 17 Nov 2016 Canad and Iran). Bandwidth Throttling, Does It? Bandwidth throttling is the process of delaying the speed/bandwidth of the internet with a purpose. Bandwidth throttling can occur when data transfers between devices or between devices with websites on the internet that are being opened. You as a user of the internet is not much benefit from bandwidth throttling. Easy, doing bandwidth throttling to limit the speed of the internet is being used. Internet provider companies that connect you to the internet greatly helped by the existence of bandwidth throttling.
For example, your ISP (internet provider) sometimes do bandwidth throttling at the time data are very dense traffic, reducing the amount of data that must be processed from each source at a time, so that the data can be reduced traffic congestion and traffic data remained smooth. Although still controversial, ISP also sometimes do bandwidth throttling only against traffic data to or from a specific source. In addition to ISP, bandwidth throttling can also be done in a local network, in network Office for example. For example, the speed of internet access your office computer using the restricted officer the Kbps, although actual Office internet speed can be up to five times more. This is done to ensure that the traffic data in the Office remains smooth.

How To Know If Your Bandwidth Is Limited? If you suspect that your ISP doing bandwidth throttling, try to do some kind of service using speed testing SpeedTest. If the graph of the early large bandwidth then suddenly plummeted, maybe your internet connection speed is indeed being restricted. However, there are also the kind of bandwidth throttling a difficult test.

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