SSH Free 19 December 2016 United States++ (SSH UDP 20 12 2016)

Sunday, December 18, 2016
Hosting SSH SSL 19, 20 December 2016 more server VPS Singapore, Korea and France. Wifi SSH 20 Desember 2016 Ireland. Command SSH 19 12, 2016 Australia and Vietnam. (Putty SSH 21 January 2017 Columbia and Canada). The principle of Client and Server Communication. Server without the client the same as homes without occupants, then it takes a client that uses the services of the server. Client and server are interconnected in reciprocity. Server selectively providing needed resources, and client connect to the server for the requested resource. Client server communication works by request-response, where the client is requesting a server then sends. Between the client and server must use the same rules when sending, when received, and what should be sent and received. All these rules called a protocol, that is the way of communication between two or more parties.
SSH Free 19 December 2016 United States++ (SSH UDP 20 12 2016)
The server provides a variety of services, web servers provide web pages, file provide file server   computer. But, indirectly, to process the page or file requested, the server must use its resources such as   RAM, hard disk, CPU, etc. The example Client and Server communication. There is a bank that has a server, a   client using a web browser (client) to access the data from the server. The customer requested web pages   through the web servers with HTTP protocol. The server asks the client to enter the username and password   information to log into the server.

A server running a database application, and receive data from the database, let's say the customer wants to   see its data. Then the result of the server translates the bank rules, passed again through the HTTP   protocol, and finally accepted by the client. Each application is wearing the appropriate protocol, apache   is the web server application for wear of the HTTP protocol, filezilla which is the application for the file   transfer protocol FTP, wear etc. Protocols this is what makes the application can serve many clients at   once.

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