SSH New Singapore 19 December 2016: SSH Squid 20 12 2016

Sunday, December 18, 2016
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(Server SSH Free 19 December 2016 server server data center Malaysia and United States). (SSH FTP Server 20 Desember 2016 Holland and United Kingdom). ssh config password 19 - 20 Dec 2016 Thailand and Russia. Optimization Of The Server. The server is a device that is intended to provide a service to some other   device. Some servers work with heavy, and some other works with light. Not all server needs should be   maximized as much as possible, some requirements could be minimized in order to save costs. Then, anything   that must be estimated in order to get the optimal server? Hardware (hardware) is a component on a computer   that is physically visible and can be touched. Before starting business with the specs, then we need to   determine the hardware first. Hardware is hardware that is working with the server, such as a Router,   Switch, etc. Make sure that the server we can cooperate with other hardware, make sure that port for the   connection between peripheral one can work with the other.
SSH New Singapore 19 December 2016: SSH Squid 20 12 2016
The selection of the appropriate software is also required. We can also see business activity being   performed, whether the server functions as a DNS provider? Meaning, we need to install DNS on the server   management software. The appropriate selection depending on the needs of the server, when the server is   serving millions of customers every day, and when the dead for a moment could lead to disaster, then the   selection of brands of software should do their best to minimize the losses. The server should be reliable   to cope with the millions of users who access it.

After making sure the hardware and software that can work well together, then we must know what kind of our business activities. In the second analysis, we should know how heavy the activities performed by the server, whether the server will do the complicated mathematics of computation? If the server only provides content? If the server works with the hardware as a provider of cryptography? After knowing the business activity, we can determine the operational hardware needs in our server, how the required clock rate, amount of RAM, the amount of data storage, etc.

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