Account SSH 20 January 2017 America++ (SSH Hosting 21 1 2017)

Thursday, January 19, 2017
Update Account SSH 20, 21 Januari 2017 premium server America, Canada and United Kingdom. SSH Password 21 January 2017 Luxembourg and Peru. SSH for Mac 20/21 1, 2017 Norway and Bulgaria. (SSH Hosting 22 Feb 2017 Japan and Korea). What is a Website? We often hear the word website in everyday life. In fact there could be nearly every day to   visit the website to find assignments, reference and read the article we need. But when asked "what the hell is   that website?", we are sometimes confused to explain and hard to define. Thus with this paper, the authors want   to share their knowledge at a glance website. Web sites is an interconnected web pages are generally located on   the same server, which contains a collection of information that is provided for individual, group, or   organization. A web site is usually placed at least on a web server that can be accessed over a network such as   the Internet or a local area network (LAN) via the Internet addresses known as URLs. Combined over all publicly   accessible site on the Internet known as the World Wide Web or as more commonly known by the acronym WWW.
Account SSH 20 January 2017 America++ (SSH Hosting 21 1 2017)
Though at least the home page of the Internet site are generally publicly accessible freely, in practice not all   sites provide freedom for the public to access it, some websites require visitors to register as a member, or   even ask for payment to be has to be able to access the content contained in the website, these restrictions   generally done for reasons of security, respect for privacy, or because a specific commercial objective.

A web page is a file that is written as a plain text file (plain text) that are arranged and combined in such a   way with instructions based HTML, or XHTML, sometimes also inserted with a bit of scripting language. The file   is then rendered by a web browser and displayed as a page on a computer monitor. The web pages accessed by users   through a network communications protocol known as HTTP, in addition to increasing the security aspects and   aspects of better privacy, web sites can also implement mechanisms of access through HTTPS protocol.

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