Akun SSH Singapore 31 Mei 2016: Update Great SSH 1 6 2016

Monday, May 30, 2016
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(SSH Password 31 Mei 2016 super fast hosting Singapore and Peru). (SSH Account 1 June 2016 Pakistan and India). Windows SSH  31:1 Juni 2016 . Webserver or a server is a computer dedicated to put data on the website, it's just that in this case the server must be online 24 hours, if not then the data could not be accessed by the website visitor. All the computer logically can be used as a server, but the server specifically for the website have special specifications. This is to keep the speed of the server is stable and meet criteria that are faced. In addition to the dependent specifications of hardware and software, the webserver speeds also depend on internet access in place of the server is also depends on the speed of your Internet Service Provider (ISP) used for online, and, moreover also depends on the location of the country in question.
Akun SSH Singapore 31 Mei 2016: Update Great SSH 1 6 2016
The Web server is the software that became the backbone of the world wide web (www). The Web server waits for a request from a client that is using a browser such as Netscape Navigator, Internet Explorer, the browser that is Mozilla, and others. If there is a request from the browser, then the web server will process the request and then provide the results of the process in the form of the desired data back to the browser.

Web server, to communicate with his client (web browser) has its own protocol, i.e. HTTP (hypertext transfer protocol). With this Protocol, communication between web server with his client are mutually intelligible and easier. As mentioned above, the data format on the world wide web are SGML. But internet users are currently more use format HTML (hypertext markup language) because of its use of more simple and easy to learn.

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