Free SSH America 17 July 2016 America++ (SSH Extra 18 07 2016)

Saturday, July 16, 2016
Free Config SSH 17, 18 Juli 2016 all about premium hosted America, Singapore and Brazil | SSH Linux 18 Juli 2016 premium server Canada and Germany. SSH Android 17/18 07, 2016 Turkey and Iran. (SSH Bscp 19 July 2016 Peru and Saudi Arabia. Hosting and the best Vendors for WP (WordPress). Looking for the most best hosting for a site that uses WordPress (WP) is in fact tantamount to looking for hosting for other CMS aka no exceptions for hosting for users of WordPress because WordPress does not need a specific hosting requirement like Magento. But although WP doesn't make complicated users we must remain attentive to the PHP version can reply used to run WP because so far I think there is still a lucrative web hosting vendors are still using PHP old version  are not too compatible with WP script. What you should know is not who the best hosting for WP but hosting vendors providing the best service to consumers. I will give tips and recommendations about vendors that provide hosting services and the best prices for your WordPress site.
Free SSH America 17 July 2016 America++ (SSH Extra 18 07 2016)
Hosting is where we store data and files to run "software" for operte website. Hosting can be called also with physical server because that hosting is a set of computer servers that are located in a data center which manage in a professional manner. There are several kinds of hosting: Shared hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated hosting, File hosting, Video hosting. Vps Hosting. VPS hosting is basically the same as shared hosting that sets it apart is that you get a hosting resource greater than that given by the provider of shared hosting.

Dedicated Hosting. When you purchase dedicated hosting is the same you buy (read = rent) 1 unique server computer itself which server computer you use it 100% you really own that use it. You users of WordPress (WP) can use shared hosting when your blog visitors are still little or no need computer resources. Or can I buy VPS when your visitor numbers more than 1000 people per day and so on.

SSH Gratis Premium: Port 443, 80 Version Dropbear : Port 109, 143 is OpenSSH Server Secured Shell America, Asian and Europe: 

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