Host SSH 9 August 2016 United States++ (SSH Premium 10 08 2016)

Monday, August 8, 2016
SSH Gratis 9, 10 Agustus 2016 full speed hosted Japan and United Kingdom| VPN SSH 10 Agustus 2016 Netherlands and Japan. SSH Unlimited 9/10 08, 2016 Arab Saudi and Iran. (SSH for iPhone 11 August 2016 Australia and China. Add SSL on a WordPress installation on WordPress Hosting Service. Do you already use WordPress Hosting ? WordPress installation already doing well? How about SSL? Is already added to the WordPress Hosting service and installation of WordPress are you using? If it has not been added, this article refer to the yuk in order to guide you in adding SSL on WordPress.
Host SSH 9 August 2016 United States++ (SSH Premium 10 08 2016)
Uses SSL. As we know, that there are two elements that are always attached to the SSL (security): security and trust (the trust). From the side of security, SSL will encrypt data before the data is sent to the customers (browsers), so any otherwise. Methods such as this will reduce the possibility of data diendus (sniffing) when exchanging data from the server to the client is done. While on the element of trust, little concerned with security elements above. Plus more-for some types of Organization such as SSL and EV SSL-, website visitors will easily recognize who or what organization behind the website. Examples of easy it is: surely you will not use the services of one of the banking if no sign is green like the screenshot below, doesn't it?
Actually there is one other element that should start You consider when you want to add the SSL on your website: the Search Engine Ranking. Google's own blog page, Google Webmasters, mention that SSL will affect the query. On a blog post, Google declared the new less than 1% of the influence afforded against searches. However, it will continue to be developed while pushing on the development of increased security on the internet. WordPress Hosting package is already equipped with the feature Let's Encrypt SSL. Installation guide can be listened on our post here: installing SSL on Plesk Panel 12.5. After installation is complete, WordPress will not automatically use the https protocol. There are some customizations must be done in Settings/Settings in WordPress.

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