Squid SSH Singapore 29 October 2016: SSH Account 30 10 2016

Friday, October 28, 2016
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(SSH Secured shell version 29 Oktober 2016 from more server USA, Canada and Singapore). (Linux SSH 30 October 2016 fresh host Singapore and Malaysia). SSH Create 29 - 30 Oct 2016 Iran and Vietnam. Virtual Private Server or VPS is a method for partitioning or dividing the resource / resource of a server into multiple virtual servers. The virtual servers have the ability to run their own operating system like a server. In fact you can reboot a virtual server separately (not necessarily to reboot the primary server). In a VPS, server resources are allocated is covering CPU Core, CPU Usage, RAM, and storage or storage operation room. VPS, Virtual Private Server, or also known as Virtual Dedicated Server is a virtualization process of the operating system software environment used by the server. Because this environment is a virtual environment, it is possible to install an operating system that can run on other operating systems.
Hosting is the internet services that provide resources for leased servers that allow the organization or individual to place information on the Internet such as HTTP, FTP, EMAIL or DNS. Server hosting consists of a combination of servers, or a server connected to high-speed internet network. There are several types of hosting services namely shared hosting, VPS or Virtual Dedicated Servers, dedicated servers, colocation server.

Shared Hosting is using the same shared hosting server with other users of the server used by more than one domain name. Dedicated Server is a server that is devoted to the use of larger applications and can not be operated in a shared hosting or virtual dedicated server. In this case, the provision server borne by the hosting company who usually work with a vendor. Server Colocation is a place to put the rental service server used for hosting. Server provided by customers who usually work together.

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