SSH Server 16 December 2016 Singapore: New SSH 17 12 2016

Thursday, December 15, 2016
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(New SSH Free 16 December 2016 new update server Malaysia and Indonesia). (SSH Android 17 December 2016 best secured shell server India and Uni Emirate Arab). SSH for iPhone 16 - 17 Dec 2016 Vietnam and Indonesia. For website owners, the rise of error pages like these could be quite annoying. Though actually quite simple, this issue could potentially be very troublesome, especially for lay users. An error message such as Error 404 can be derived from the script's website you have. Other factors, may be caused by the hosting server where you store your website files. Well, in addition to Error 404, there is another error message that can so often you meet. In this article we present his review for you. Of course, complete with how to deal with it.
Error 404 commonly referred to as broken link. Generally this error occurs because of an error writing the URL, the URL of the page has been changed by the uploader, the pages that you access are not available, or the page has been deleted. Setting the URL is generally handled by .htaccess scripts. Please check if the .htaccess file located in the root of your html document/public (Note: make sure you have activated the feature show hidden files in your cpanel). If you are the owner of the website, and the website you are having this problem, please check the list of postings you make. In addition, see also if there are any settings regarding the URL Access. You can customize the URL on Your posting settings with URL Access you want.

500 error generally occurs due to problems of communication between the server and your website's script. It can also be caused by changes in the configuration of the .htaccess file. Some of the factors include: accidental change, the installation of the plugin/extension that performs on htaccess, as well as the vanishing of the .htaccess file. One of the functions of the .htaccess file is to set how the server can access the script's website you have. To resolve the Error 500, please check if the .htaccess file is present on the document root of your hosting server. If there is, check also if there is an .htaccess file settings change. If you do not know the .htaccess file settings on the website you have, you can ask it on Your website programmer. Alternatively, you can request assistance to the technical support team of your hosting service provider.

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