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Thursday, March 23, 2017
(Best SSH 24 March 2017 more fast server America, France and United Kingdom). (Best SSH 25 March 2017 Italy and Germany). SSH Hosting 24 - 25 Maret 2017 hosting Japan and Korea. Difference linux with windows-OS or Operating System is a software which is used to operate a computer, usually the OS are user friendly or easy to use by the user, there are currently many kinds of OS, and the most widely used is the Windows and Linux OS, each course has the distinction, here we will discuss the differences between Linux with windows. There are many differences between the two, however this time we will discuss some of the course, and here are some of the differences between the linux with windows:
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In terms of display, windows is superior to linux, windows display easier on the understanding and have a nicer graphics than on linux, for linux also is not much different, but for linux can graphical problems in said still under windows. Windows is more often used for Office work, play games and to learn in school, but windows is more seldom in use for purposes such as hosting, as a virtual server, because windows is easier in attack by viruses and windows security system less well, while linux is more often used as a webserver, ssh server and much more, this is because the level of security of linux is very high.

The amount of software the windows more than linux, that as more developers who membat software for windows from linux, file extensions for windows software is usually in the form of exe, msi whereas extensions file for windows software is usually in the form of a .deb file extensions, but for windows also can be installed and run on linux, to install the windows software in linux must be installed wine first. To make a command in windows we usually use CMD, but on linux, known as the terminal, many things can be done by using the terminal on linux, and almost every activity in linux using this terminal.

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