Free SSH USA 2 April 2017 ++ (SSH Tunnel 3 04 2017)

Saturday, April 1, 2017
Update SSH Hosting 2 April 2017 secured shell server France, Brazil and America| About SSH VPS 3 April 2017 data center Malaysia and Singapore. Create SSH Server 2/3 04, 2017 Russia, Vietnam and, (Port ssh 443 and 22 version 3 April 2017 Canada and Japan). Understanding Web Hosting and Its Functionalities. Hosting is a great place to store your HTML document. Usually companies that sell also sell domain hosting so you buy domains at once hired a hosting to store your HTML files. Hosting payment is usually monthly. Capacity. You need to pay attention to the required capacity bearapa, do 25MB, 50 MB or 1 GB. You have to choose carefully as needed because of course the greater capacity and more expensive it will cost. The technology used. If the server is Linux or Windows, and if you create a PHP file does the hosting supports PHP files? Likewise, when you create a web using ASP, JSP, Perl, Python, and Ruby are hosting support? You should therefore carefully before buying, ask directly on the hosting company you want to buy. Lest you create a website with PHP but you buy the hosting does not support PHP.
Free SSH USA 2 April 2017 ++ (SSH Tunnel 3 04 2017)
A Good Support Service. check does the hosting company you want to buy has a good support service during 24 h, so the stroke of midnight when all of a sudden you got a problem with your website then you can inquire directly to your hosting company. Database. When you create a dynamic website, make sure you check if they provide database. Check out also how many databases are provided and what are MySQL, PostgreSQL, Access etc.

Whether your hosting backup your data every day. This is important because there are a lot of brash hosting that does not do back up the data and if you suddenly lost it they don't want to know (I never experienced it). You should check the provided bandwidth capacity. Bandwidth is the magnitude of data transfer in a month. Approximately this point. If a hosting company provides 1 GB of bandwidth a month. So if you have an HTML file with a size of 20 KB (including images) and visitors to your website per day about 100 people, then you spend bandwidth: 20 KB per day x 100orang = 2000kb = 2 MB. Per month: 2 MB x 31 = 62 MB, if you have 10 pages then: 62 MB x 10 = 620MB. So consider the bandwidth provided by the size of your HTML files, when visitors to your website the more naturally bandwidth also will be getting bigger.

SSH Gratis Premium: Port 443, 80 Version Dropbear : Port 109, 143 is OpenSSH Server Secured Shell America, Asian and Europe:

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