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Wednesday, May 10, 2017
Hosting SSH 11 May 2017 full speed hosting America, France and Holland| Squid SSH 12 Mei 2017 update server Singapore and France. Server SSH 11/12 05, 2017 Italy and Holland. (SSH 13 June 2017). What is a Shell on Linux, what is a shell? a shell is the program (command interpreter) that bridges the user by the operating system kernel in this case (the core of the operating system), typically the shell provides a prompt as the user interface, where the user is typing in the desired commands either internal shell commands (internal command), or the execution of a command file program (external command), a shell allows the user compile a set of commands in an or several files to be executed as a program.
Unlike other operating systems that provide only one or 2 shell, a unix family of operating systems such as linux until recently equipped by many shell with the command that very much, so lets users choose the shell where the most good to help finish his work, or may switch from one shell to the other shell easily, some existing shell in linux among others : The Bourne shell (sh), C shell (csh), Korn shell (ksh), Bourne again shell (bash), etc.

Each shell has its advantages and disadvantages which may be based on the needs of users who are very day increasing, for documentation of this shell is the shell of the GNU bash, which is the development of the Bourne shell and take out some of the featured (privileges) from the C shell and Korn shell, Bash shell is the shell which is quite widely used linux users because of the ease and abundance of facilities command provided. version of the bash shell that I use is 2.04 [admin @ linux $] echo $BASH _ VERSION bash 2.04.12 (1)-release Perhaps when you read the documentation for this latest version of the bash was released with the addition of another feature.

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