Hosting SSH 2 Mei 2017 United States++ (SSH 3 May 2017)

Monday, May 1, 2017
Hosting SSH 2, 3 Mei 2017 update secured shell server America, France and United Kingdom. SSH Server 3 May 2017 Japan and Korea. Fast SSH Squid 2/3 5, 2017 Australia and Canada. (SSH Free 4 June 2017 Brazil and Columbia). Know Understanding DHCP and its function and how it works. Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol or DHCP is often abbreviated as client-server protocol that is used to assign IP addresses to client computer/network devices automatically. The reason why many are implementing DHCP is its convenience in administering IP address to the client computer/network devices (though in great numbers) automatically. So we do not need to manually assign IP addresses to each computer one by one.
DHCP server not only provides the IP address, netmask, but also provides host name, domain name, DNS, address and gateway as well. In addition, the DHCP server can also provide other parameters such as the time server, and so on. In this way, an admin server no longer struggled assign IP addresses to each client computer that wants to connect with the network. If dozens of client computer may not be a problem, then how about thousands of client computer?

The difference of the DHCP client and the DHCP server. In the DHCP service, there are two terms you need to know that is the DHCP client and the DHCP server. Keep what is the difference between the two? The computer assign IP addresses automatically to the client computer is referred to with the DHCP server. While the computer that requests the IP address of the DHCP client called with. How does DHCP? At the moment the user turn on his computer and connect it to a server that uses the DHCP service, then the computer automatically requested (request) the IP address to the server. The server then answers the request of the computer and give it an IP address.

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