Account SSH 10 Juni 2017 Singapore: New SSH 11 6 2017

Saturday, June 10, 2017
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(SSH Gratis 10 June 2017 full speed server America, France and Holland). (SSH Free 11 Juni 2017 Korea and Japan). SSH Server 10 - 11 June 2017 Australia and Holland. In fact, all Web servers that support the Litespeed/Apache/Nginx, PHP/MySQL, MariaDB and then will be able to run WordPress. In General, Shared Hosting can run WordPress. However, the Web Hosting Provider is aware of the General Problem when serving customers who use CMS (Content Managemend System) with the Engine WordPress, which is very "Resource Hungry" on the Server.
Account SSH 10 Juni 2017 Singapore: New SSH 11 6 2017
What Is A Managed WordPress Hosting? First of all, I will explain first the basics of WordPress Hosting. The term "Managed" This means that the Server is managed by the Hosting Provider, of course, because the Server used is Shared Hosting. So to the SysAdmin needs, it's managed Hosting Provider, and the term Managed this also means the Party Hosting Provider is willing to help the Client up to the Level of managing WordPress blogs belonging to the Client, such as installing Plugins, and configure it.

The term "WordPress Hosting" well this is rather biased, since all Web Hosting support WordPress. But why will also need to use WordPress Hosting? As I explained above, that there is still a WordPress Hosting connection with the term Managed, meaning that the specification of the package and/or technical support, both of which support the Opesional CMS (Content Management System) based WordPress. Later, in the section on Control Panel, that is the underlying concept of this WordPress, please read further until it runs out. Just because a Shared Hosting, CloudLinux OS generally differentiated based on the operating system being used. A regular shared Hosting is currently using CentOS as the OS (Operating System) Server. Well, Shared Hosting which is labeled with a WordPress Hosting is using OS CloudLinux.

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