Free SSH 9 Juni 2017 America++ (SSH Hosting 10 6 2017)

Thursday, June 8, 2017
SSH Gratis 9, 10 Juni 2017 all about hosting America and Germany. SSH Account 10 6 June 2017 Singapore and Holland. SSH Windows 9/10 6, 2017 Iran and Turkey. (SSH File 11 july 2017 Brazil and Columbia). Here's the 5 traits of your Blog preferred by Visitor, already know yet? As a #blogger of course we expect the blog that we have could be preferred and acceptable to many people. Why? Of course when our blog is preferred and acceptable to a lot of people then what we are going to plan on our blogs such as popularity or blog monetization will be more likely to manifest. But how do we know that our blog is preferred or not by a netizen? Here are the signs or characteristics that the blog that we have favored by many people.
Free SSH 9 Juni 2017 America++ (SSH Hosting 10 6 2017)
Characteristics or the first sign that your blog is the existence of many of the people preferred return visitor. What is a return visitor? Return visitor is a visitor or a visitor who traveled back to a blog. This means that after a person comes for the first time, he was interested in coming for the second time and so on. Then how can we know the visitor came up more than once (return visitor)? Here's how you install Google Analytics on your blog. from Google Analytics then you need to see an indication of the return visitor at the audience overview.

Next, the characteristics and the sign that your blog is preferred and acceptable to many people is the bounce rate and AVG. session duration. What is bounce rate and AVG. session duration? Bounce rate is the percentage of its own abundance of visitor who just visited 1 page or pages of your site and after that leave your blog. While the Avg. session duration is the length of time spent by a visitor in 1 session visit (which is generally 1 session is calculated per 30 minutes). From this conclusion that the lower the bounce rate of a blog then the better Your blog value anyway, and vice versa, while for AVG. Session duration is valid provided that the longer the time of avg. session duration of your blog then it means your blog is well worth it, because the sign that the blog much preferred visitor who spent much time to explore the contents of the blog.

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