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Monday, May 15, 2017
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(Premium SSH 16 May 2017 full speed server United States and Singapore). (Account SSH 17 MEI 2017 Germany and Holland). SSH Squid 16 - 17 May 2017 Denmark and Holland. Understanding Static Routing, diversity and Dynamic Routing. Static Routing Differences, understanding and Routing Dynamic that we discuss on the post this time. Much of a difference from some of the existing routing and routing it usually now desperately needed to connect the local network or between cities. Routing Configuration is to be performed in a hardware Router. Any router types vary, no matter the configuration. Examples of CISCO router CISCO production is widely used because of its configuration are familiar and many educational institutions had made a courses to be in learn more.
In General, the router is divided into two types, namely: Static routing (Static Routing) is a router that has a static routing table on setting manually by the network administrator. Static routing settings the simplest routing can be done on a computer network. Use static routing in a network of pure means filling each entry in the forwarding table in each router that resides on the network. The use of static routing in a network of small certainly is not an issue, only some of the entries that need to be filled in the forwarding table in each router. But you sure can imagine how if must complete forwarding table in each router that the number is not a little in a large network.

Dynamic Routing (Dynamic Router) is a router that has and makes routing tables automatically, by listening to network traffic and also with interconnected between other routers. Routing protocols set up router-router so that it can communicate with one another and mutually informing each other mutually and routing information can change the contents of the forwarding table, depending on the State of the network. In this way, the router-routers know the State of the network and is able to forward the data to the right direction. In other words, dynamic routing is the process of charging data routing in the routing table automatically.

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